Fredric Effects Deeply Unpleasant Companion – Badass Bass Fuzz Anyone?

Deeply Unpleasant Companion Pedal – Fredric Effects

We’re not all about vintage – we also love a bit of hand made Boutique – especially on home soil :-)

Over the weekend North London based Fredric Effects – a ‘hand-made with care’ boutique outfit here in the UK released a bass version of their earlier Unpleasant Companion MKII.


What’s the spec? well according to the site:

The Fredric Effects Deeply Unpleasant Companion is an improved version of the Shin-Ei FY-2 Companion Fuzz. Following requests from bass players, we’ve modified this circuit to preserve more of the low frequencies and added a clean blend function. So you can mix the clean signal with the fuzz according to taste…

The buffers used in the blend circuit also have the added bonus of bringing a touch more clarity to the fuzz than the standard Unpleasant Companion, while retaining its uncompromising character…this pedal also features a volume boost circuit to avoid the volume drop characteristic of vintage Shin-Ei FY-2 pedals.

It’s not all about the Bass

Fredric go on to say that although this has been designed for bass – why stop there? Mix it up with other distortion and overdrive sounds on your favourite guitar and find yourself a thigh trembling dark but clean sounding dirty transistor like fuzz :-)

What does it look like?

I mean look at it – it’s beautiful! Hand made, hand wired, high quality with a professional powder coat and screen print and all custom enclosures are also made in North London in the UK – so you really can’t get any more British than that!

fredric-effects-deeply-unpleasant-companion-shin-ei-FY2-clone-2015 fredric-effects-deeply-unpleasant-companion-shin-ei-FY2-clone-2015-inside

What does it sound like?

See both the Unpleasant Companion and the Deeply Unpleasant Companion demos below:

Deeply Unpleasant Companion Demo

Unpleasant Companion Demo

Where can I buy one?

Well you can head straight to the Fredric Effects Website – all you need to do is hand over £95 of your British pounds via Paypal – just in time for Christmas.

fredric-effects-deeply-unpleasant-companion-shin-ei-FY2-clone-2015 Deeply Unpleasant Companion – Bass Fuzz Pedal

Want to mix it up with some Vintage Fuzz? Head over to our Fuzz / Distortion Section or contact us direct if you have specific pedals you want or boards you want to create.

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